The best mattress - the best price - 0 footprint

Our Mission at Second Slumber is to provide our customers with the best sleep - without sacrificing sustainability. Most mattress retailers offer a 'sleep trial' - if you don't like your bed after your purchase then obtain a full refund, however, these mattresses often end up in landfills, not even two weeks into their 10 year lifespan.

Second Slumber instead offers a solution - a home for that barely used mattress to go to, for nearly half the price of retail. That means that you get the best mattress - at the best price - without increasing your carbon footprint.



We've been taught that shopping sustainably has to be difficult or expensive - but it doesn't have to be. Our goal at Second Slumber is to spread knowledge about sustainable mattress shopping and mattress waste, while providing our customers with the best mattresses on the market & giving back to our planet.

The Community

We're passionate about our planet, but we're also passionate about our community. That's why at Second Slumber, we donate 1 mattress to someone in need for every 15 mattresses sold.


Why Second Slumber?


Save big on luxury items

Items from Second Slumber are virtually unused. Enjoy the experience of a luxury mattress for nearly half of its retail cost.


Pay homage to the Earth

Save a brand new mattress from being wasted. Give back to the environment by purchasing from Second Slumber.


Sleep better

Sleep is vital towards maintaining good health. Get a better nights rest with a great mattress. Your body and mind will thank you.


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