Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How do I know my mattress is going to be in good condition?
    Before we even accept a mattress to the SecondSlumber program - we ensure that they are up to our highest standards. Previous owners are required to submit surrounding pictures of their mattresses before the return process begins. That means, no structural or cosmetic wear and tear, no stains - nothing. Once we have accepted a mattress, we ensure that the mattress is sanitized and free from any residual dust or particles. For our COVID-19 Protocols, please see here. 
  2. Q. How do I know which mattress is right for me?
    Our mission is to keep mattresses out of the landfill - so we want to make sure you pick the right mattress the first time. That’s why each of our mattresses has an in-depth description to help you choose! Each of our Second Slumber mattresses also comes with reviews from other owners of the same mattress to give you a better idea of how the mattress works for people with different sleep styles and preferences.
  3. Q. Can I return my mattress if I don't like it?
    If you purchased the extended warranty and your return is within the 50 day period, you will be guided to follow the warranty instructions in our warranty section

  4. Q. What would I do with my mattress if I didn't purchase a warranty?
    You can resell! Facebook marketplace and similar platforms are excellent options to sell your mattress. You can donate! Second Slumber has 3 certified donation partners: Goodwill, Salvation Army and Mamas for Mamas (B.C. only). If you would like us to put you in touch with one of our partners, please contact us. We also offer resources linked in our return policies for repurposing your mattress!
  5. Q. What payment methods do you offer?
    Payments can be made with Credit Card, PayPal, GooglePay, and ShopPay.
  6. Q. How does Second Slumber offer such great prices?
    SecondSlumber mattresses are pre-owned which allows us to sell them for a fraction of their original price. What many don't know is that mattresses have a lifespan of over 10 years - and most go into the landfill long before they are due to. This way, SecondSlumber can offer you the best prices - while keeping mattresses out of the landfill.