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5-10% of sold mattresses are returned during their trial term each year. Where do they go? The landfill.

On average, 20% of bed-in-a-box sales are returned. In addition, almost all of these are sent to a landfill. Did you know that mattresses have a lifespan of around 10 years? The mattresses that are returned during trial periods - those are slept on for about 50 nights, and those mattresses spend the other 3600 nights of their lifespan in a landfill.

This is detrimental to our eco-systems, and mattress manufacturers as well. Large mattress brands lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on 'returned' mattresses. 

This is where Second Slumber comes in.

Our Solution

In America, mattresses take up 342,000 square kilometers of landfill annually.

Through Second Slumber, you can find virtually unused mattresses across Canada for half of their retail cost. These mattresses are sanitary, luxurious, and affordable. 

When a brand new mattress is returned to a manufacturer, they outsource the information to Second Slumber where we can gather information and photos of the mattress in question. From there, the information is posted to the Second Slumber website where you can purchase and pick up the mattress from the returning customers location.

Read more about the process on the FAQ page.

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Our mission

We donate a mattress to charity for every 15 sold.

Second Slumber is a viable solution to the large waste problem in the mattress industry. However, at Second Slumber we go above and beyond. We vow to donate 1 mattress to someone in need in Canada for every 15 that are sold.