Open-box, Brand name mattresses for less!

Rescue a "guaranteed like new" mattress in your area from the landfill. Save $, the environment and proceeds go to charity.

How does Second Slumber work?

Simply reserve the mattress online. Make a reservation using one of our payment options. Don't worry you won't be charged anything until you have seen and picked up the mattress to ensure its exactly as discribed.

As Seen on Dragon's Den

Folding tips to transport the mattress

Open-box mattresses are easy to re-locate and save you on delivery fees. Borrow a truck, SUV or car with folding seats. Most rental car agencies offer low rates for short drives in town.

Yes, but the prices you see advertised are pick-up and the beds are closer than you think.
Send us your address and we can get a customized quote for pick up and drop off to your door. Most Task Rabbit drivers run $100-$150 for this service. Or do it yourself and save.

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Most customers want brand-name quality beds that are almost brand new. We all have slept in a hotel or Airbnb so clean beds can be used again. Also we are popular with property owners and managers looking to offer higher quality beds than what the budget would normally afford.

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Open-Box Mattress Adoption

1. Locate a mattress you'll love

When people change their mind on their newly purchased mattresses within the first few weeks, we search to find someone like you to offer it a forever home for a heavily discounted price.

2. Secure your right to purchase

Only Pre-Authorize your purchase, but PAY NOTHING until you see and touch your new mattress. Second Slumber mattresses are fully verified to be "as new condition" and warranty defect-free.

3. Pick-up or Delivery?

Our expert team at 1-844-81-SLEEP will get a competitive quote for delivery. OR save the fees and we'll coordinate a you to pick it up from the original customers home.

4. Final Thumbs up?

With a 99.9% success rate, We know our pre-inspection + your in-person one will confirm this bed meets your standards. Simply verify that you're happy, and we'll process the payment.
Welcome to the Second Slumber family! Sweet dreams.

Our growing list of trusted partners:

Can't wait for an open-box near you?

Our production partners offer "Not sold to the public" overstock or have them build you a mattress from scratch and ship it to your door!

Get in the Loop National Mattress Partnership

Get local's only access and buy direct in Calgary or Toronto.

Better Sleep for All

Better Sleep and mental health go hand in hand. Proceeds of all Second Slumber's go directly to The CMHA. Thank you for your support.