Overstock New Items

Typically our shipping window on new items is 3-7 business days, with arrival at your home on average within a week or two of purchase.

Shipping is included in the purchase price on all new overstock items. For gently used items we don’t charge anything if you pick it up yourself. We can also arrange local delivery for you if you are unable to pick it up, and that typically costs somewhere in the $100-$250 range depending on location.

On gently used mattresses we strongly encourage everyone to pick up the mattresses themselves, but on new overstocked items we don’t offer a pick up option, so instead we include the cost of Fedex preferred ground shipping in the purchase price.

We have no way to know which overstock items we’ll get at any given time, so we can’t say if the manufacturers have their items in stores, or where, or if they are online only businesses. You can try visiting the specific manufactures websites to see if they have showrooms listed, or email customercare@secondslumber.com though and we may be able to help you find a location to try it. Generally the overstock prices reflect good value, so 95% of our customers order beds directly without visiting a showroom.

Ring our customer care team at 1-844-81-SLEEP. They may have additional information about the beds or be able to direct you towards a certain mattress style.

Pre-Owned Open-Box Returns

New mattress companies have difficulty getting rid of their perfectly-good returned mattresses that are barely into their lifespan. Most try to donate them, but 98% of charities can’t actually use Queen and King mattresses, which are the most common sizes sold, so thousands of perfectly fine mattresses typically end up in landfills every year. We think this is a waste, so we help some of Canada’s top brands place these perfectly great mattresses at deeply discounted prices, which is great for the environment and society as a whole, and we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale to local charities. So, in the end, we help save the planet, support local charities, and we get you a great deal on a better night's sleep.

Our company solves a problem that the mattress companies have: what to do with a basically new product (that can’t be stuffed back in the box) when it's not quite the right fit under their 100-night guarantee policy. Much like Goldilocks’ experience, finding the right style of mattress can be tricky, but in most cases customers know right away it's not right. As mattresses are built to last 10+ years, less than 99 nights is a tiny fraction of their lifespan and they still have thousands of great sleeps to give. It can also be very expensive to ship them back to the factories, not to mention it's not very eco-friendly. So we step in and match savvy shoppers looking for an amazing deal, plus we donate the proceeds to charity. Once you pay for a mattress in your area,we provide you with specific instructions on how/when to pick it up, including to re-inspect its condition. For this effort, we slash your price. The best part is your purchase has a full night money-back guarantee if the beds are not as described when you go to pick it up, meaning there's no risk in your purchase.

The returning customer is only entitled to the full refund if they keep it free of any defects, tears or stains, and we only sell mattresses that fit that criteria. Similar to how a car dealer verifies their used vehicles are high quality and mechanically sound, we collect photographs and video from the original customer and we verify with the manufacturer that there are no outstanding warranty concerns. Only then will we post it. And of course, you get to fully inspect it when picking it up to ensure it's the right fit for you!

No! Instead, we operate in virtually every city across Canada in a similar way to other e-commerce focused mattress companies. You can reach us several different ways but best way is through website secondslumber.com.

Our customers often pickup the mattresses themselves or they can hire a delivery service, or find a friend with a larger vehicle. However, we can help facilitate pick up in most communities across Canada for an additional fee.

No! We are a class B Corporation meaning the primary goal is reducing mattress poverty, social and positive environmental impact. By definition, Class B corps donate a majority of our profit to various charities across Canada, such as Mamas for Mamas, Elizabeth Fry Society, community Food Banks, and more! We also run fundraisers directly with charities where they can sell some of our great mattresses. If you are a charity with a unique project you're looking for help funding or if you need mattresses for a housing project, please email us at customercare@secondslumber.com.

We pretty much sell only mattresses. Occasionally we will get gently used frames or box springs, but it’s quite rare so grab one if you can find it! However, With many mattress companies as partners we have access to those items in the Additional Products section found at the footer of the landing page. As an example we have an everyday great deal with Snap a new combination frame/box springs for a discounted price to our customers, along with great deals on new pillows and sheets.

However, we do not currently sell used headboards, side tables, dressers, sheets, or any other bedroom items.

We do offer a 30-night sleep guarantee for a small additional cost, however the mattress must be kept in the same condition you received it. 

Absolutely not! Anytime you sleep in a hotel you're also sleeping on a bed others have used. We get that its a new experience, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Some mattresses have never been slept on.

• We certify every mattress as being clean, and stain/defect free.

• If when you go to pick up the mattress, it has any stains, tears, smells, or other issues we will happily refund your purchase and find you another mattress.

• Most new mattresses have a 10+ year lifespan. 50 nights equals 1.4% of its total lifespan, while we sell these mattresses for between 40 and 60 percent below retail. Sounds like a great deal to us!

All purchases are fully guaranteed under Shopify’s policies, and we offer full refunds on any items that are not as advertised. Similar to other online only mattress vendors you do not get to try the mattress before buying, but you do have the opportunity to fully inspect the mattresses when picking them up from the original buyers to ensure it's what you're looking for. If it’s not, we will fully refund you, and work to find you a mattress that better fits your needs.

We accept everything that Shopify lets us accept, so all major credit cards, Google/Apple Pay, and Paypal.

All the items we sell are built to last, and should have no trouble reaching the end of their 10 year life span. Unfortunately though, the original manufacturers warranties are void on all used items we offer as they only apply to the first owner of each item. However, we know this is a risk for our buyers, which is why we substantially reduce the purchase price. We do offer full warranties on all overstocked new items, and we are working creating a new warranty program for used items in the future.

We have the option to purchase a 30 day return window for $100 on most mattresses, (the mattress must be kept in the same condition you received it) and a full refund if the mattress is not up to your standards when picking it up.

You can purchase SecondSlumber items anywhere in Canada, you aren’t limited to your location at all. However, you will need to either cover the shipping costs, or arrange to have a friend pick it up.